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Individual Therapy

What is individual therapy?

To work on personal growth, strengthen self awareness, and develop coping skills with a trained professional in a safe and confidential setting.

How does therapy work?

1) Processing

We organize our thoughts by processing and reflecting.  Therapist works as a mirror reflecting our thoughts and feelings enhancing self awareness. We will do some work together to process difficult emotions, not just venting.

2) Developing Coping Skills

As we have enhanced self awareness, we would like to learn ways to better manage emotions.  Examples: problem solving, cognitive skills, mindfulness, self compassion, communication & listening skills, and setting boundaries, etc.

What are the procedures?

1) Schedule a free consultation to see if we are a good fit working together.

2) Complete intake paperwork (it takes about 15 mins)

3) Schedule an initial appointment for an assessment (45-55 mins) - to understand your symptoms, major concerns, and treatment needs

4) Schedule the following sessions for therapy (50 mins) - prepare 2-3 topics of discussion (you get to decide what is important for you to discuss, and I will explore those areas with you.)

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